Seagow launch a miniature scuba tank for the general public

The French start-up Seagow is developing a miniature dive tank with a 15-minute autonomy designed for the general public. The Seagow mini cylinder aims to democratize access to scuba diving.


15 minutes autonomy

Created by a team of enthusiasts of the sea and the underwater world, Seagow is the simplest and cheapest system on the market for breathing underwater for up to 15 minutes. A miniaturized diving bottle worn on the torso and held in the body with a very simple scratch system, a 3rd lung in a way.


Rechargeable by compressor

 The user can recharge the bottle himself with compressed air with the electric compressor also supplied by Seagow. In only three minutes the bottle is full and all that remains is to return to the water.




Develop a public leisure practice of scuba diving for the general public

The Seagow innovation is mainly aimed at outdoor sports enthusiasts who are fond of masks and snorkels, but there are also many other applications such as sea rescue, boating (maintenance of boats underwater), inflating inflatable structures, etc....


Rates and distribution

In the middle of the launch phase, Start Up Seagow has just opened up international pre-sales. After this launch period, Seagow will be distributed in consumer sports stores in Europe, North America and Australia.



Scuba courses

Download the updated version of the Seagow Manuals

Seagow Manual A5 .pdf
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Seagow Compressor manual.pdf
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