SEAGOW – Breathe Underwater Up To 15 mins

Scuba diving can be a dangerous activity if you do not respect basics rules of this hobby. Divers and non divers can use Seagow, but both must clearly understand the practices to be followed during and before/after the dive. Seagow is a revolutionary lightweight and simple system that offers you up to 15 mins underwater by breathing normally.

Made for recreational diving, Seagow is the perfect solution between snorkeling and diving. Small and lightweight, you can store it everywhere with the Seagow Compressor which includes a tanks holder. Seagow is the only one diving product delivered with Online Scuba Courses so you can enjoy your product in the best way.


You can charge it in 3min and it provides up to 15 minutes of It does not require any experiment in scuba diving, because this device is light and portable.


Seagow mini tank is easy to use, and will makes your underwater exploration incredible, you must be careful using this product. There are some precautions you should take when scuba diving.


The small orange compressor that weights only 17kg, can fill the dive tank in only 3 minutes. It appears that the main strengths of this compressor is its weight but also the fact that it is compatible with all models of scuba diving tank on the market. The mini compressor is a good solution, making its filling way easier than the manual pump of the competitors. In addition you can use it longer and this device will cost you less than other “similar” products already on the market.

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Download the updated version of the Seagow Manuals

Seagow Manual A5 .pdf
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Seagow Compressor manual.pdf
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