03. June 2019
Made for recreational diving, Seagow is the perfect solution between snorkeling and diving. Small and lightweight, you can store it everywhere with the Seagow Compressor which includes a tanks holder. Seagow is the only one diving product delivered with Online Scuba Courses so you can enjoy your product in the best way. You can charge it in 3min and it provides up to 15 minutes of It does not require any experiment in scuba diving, because this device is light and portable. Seagow mini tank is...
27. May 2019
A team of developers based in Nice, France have created a new affordable and simple to use underwater breathing system that allows you to have 15 minutes under the waves on a single charge. Available in two different versions the Seagow 200 provides up to 10 minutes of air at 200 Bar or 3000 PSI, while the larger Seagow 300 provides up to 15 minutes of their at a pressure of 300 Bar or 4500 PSI. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Seagow breathing system and compressor...
20. May 2019
If there is one thing to take with you this summer, it's the Seagow mini scuba tank. Ideal for those who are not familiar with scuba diving, it is the perfect solution between snorkeling and scuba diving.
13. May 2019
Up to 15 minutes of autonomy underwater
06. May 2019
The French start-up Seagow is developing a miniature dive tank with a 15-minute autonomy designed for the general public. The Seagow mini cylinder aims to democratize access to scuba diving.
29. April 2019
A brand new mini scuba tank is launched today! You won't miss it thanks to its bright orange color. Available at a very attractive price on Kickstarter, it seems to have a lot of assets to play. Here the overview of this new product.

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